Introductory Questions

    1: Hi! My name is Kevin He. I'm a Junior double-majoring in Marketing and Communication Design.
    2: I am studying studying Graphic Designer and Art. I wanted to take this class in order to improve my web development skills to prepare me for the future.
    3: I have some experience working with HTML and JS. I did some HTML and (minimally) PHP work during my internship over the summer while I worked on my workplace's website.
    4: I hope to learn how to design an effective, clean, and engaging website so that I can have to skills to develop a strong and competitive portfolio on my personal website.
    5: Designing on screen will be more challenging because it not only needs to look good and be engaging, it'll also have to be interactive and legible at all different screen sizes.
    6: I really love this website. The design is super simple, which fits the simple nature of website's purpse - to provide ambient background noise. All the elements of the website are super clean and interactive, leading to a very simple and minimal layout.
    7: The MoMA website, I feel, has pretty effective communication. The website is laid out in a way that's visually engaging, but also clear and concise in its design. All the crucial information such as hours and current exhibits/events are listed at the top of the page with other information and visuals spaced down the page.
    8: This website works wonders for finding icons for any presentation or illustration inspiration necessary. It's layout is pretty straight-forward with the search bar appearing in the center with sample icons right below. Below, the go into detail about the power of the website and different supplemental information. The layout is overall just super clean and effective, and it works so well.